Are you a “NATYA BHARATI” member?

As a member you will be supporting a vibrant community theater group and promoting the arts, which are so essential in today's society. It will also give you the opportunity to participate actively in the organization (by voting or as an office bearer), and in the theater (both in front of and behind the curtain). If you decide to be on stage, you can look forward to hours of satisfaction, making new friends, using old skills and learning new ones.

In appreciation for your support we offer a number of exclusive benefits. All of our benefits are designed to enhance your experience in ways that will be useful and meaningful to you.

  • Membership is $30/couple for three (3) years, includes the benefits as below:
    • Eligibility to participate in Natya Bharati productions both on stage and backstage
    • Attend annual General Body meetings and elections of the executive committee
    • Eligibility to serve on Natya Bharati Executive and Advisory Committees.

So together, let’s help create a legacy for the next generation to continue while we fulfill our own passion for theater, art, and culture.

Natya Bharati is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all membership contributions are tax-deductible.